London Bridge Wall unit

nameLondon Bridge Wall unit
designerGiulio Manzoni
product id1465337
catalog id3100253
A ‘day-night’ transformable system consisting of a wall-unit with a large compartmentalized shelf, a two-seater sofa with completely removable fabric and a stowaway double-size bed.
The wall unit is pulled down, the sofa disappears to reveal a ready-made bed. It has a soft padded headboard with removable covers, a slatted support and a 160x200xH20 cm mattress.
When the shelf drops down, it acts as the support base for the bed. It also rotates when the wall unit is pulled down and there is no need to empty it as it transforms from one arrangement to the other. 
The finishes of the internal and external surfaces of the wall unit can be freely customized thanks to a choice of lacquer colors and scratch-proof heat-structured finishes from the Flou collection.
A patented mechanism guarantees the perfect closure of the wall-unit, (complete with security lock) protecting the bed from dust and eliminating the anti-esthetic belts that, hold the mattress in a vertical position.