DS-9090 DS-9090


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Beanbags have long been a part of the de Sede inventory, but the manufacture has now gone one step further with the launch of DS-9090, a beanbag that defines sitting itself.
A pyramid-shaped insert made of high quality, stable
DS-ARTISANO leather gives the ‘shapeless’ model a seat direction and seating hollow – an innovation in the history of the beanbag.

This step optimizes both the seating comfort and the appearance of the undefined shape of the beanbag. As with previous beanbag models, DS-9090 is filled with de Sede fill,
a combination of foam and beads, and the insert in
DS-ARTISANO is integrated with a hand-stitched seam.

Whether as an eye-catcher in the living room, a stylish, additional seating option, or a cozy and relaxing object around the home, DS-9090 can be seen in the definition of its eternally beautiful, characteristic beanbag shape.