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An icepack as a base. A bear lying on its side as a backrest. The seat is padded with Gellyfoam® and feather, covered with a special fabric with a texture similar to ice layers. The backrest is soft, made of polyester and covered with ecological fur, and mobile, ballasted inside and non-slip inverted leather on the bottom.

The shape of the base is irregular, but corresponds to a right angle of three meters and seventy centimeters for two fifty. The footprint is equivalent to that of a two-seater sofa and a three-seater sofa in a corner composition. Leaning over, the big bear that supports, embraces and welcomes, for a relaxing finally freed from any constraint.

Pack is a current landscape that will remain forever in time. It fits easily in any environment, antique or modern, classic or contemporary.

Black and nocturnal version, expressing intimacy and mystery. Double backrest to allow maximum comfort for many people and in every position.