Hypostila Shelving System Hypostila Shelving System Hypostila Shelving System

Hypostila Shelving System

nameHypostila Shelving System
designerLluis Clotet
product id1028365
catalog id3100020
Bd has always had a special interest in shelving –this auxiliary furnishing that keeps places tidy– and in aluminium too. The Hypóstila shelving was designed in 1979 by Lluís Clotet and Óscar Tusquets, with advice from the engineer Jesús Jiménez, in such a way that it can take heavy loads using minimal sections and achieve an infinity of sizes and arrangements. In 1995, a new shelving model was manufactured, this time based on tubes along the lines of an idea of Enric Miralles.

HYPOSTILA I/II SHELVING Single upright posts to be hold to wall in anodised matt aluminium, 2, 3 or 4m height. Silver matt extruded and anodised aluminium shelves. Flat shelf HYP I, 15,5cm or 25cm depths, with optionals side covers of grey plastic and tubular shelf HYP II of 15,5cm depth. The shelves can be cut made-to-measure and their corners can be rounded. Toolings for fixing the profiles to the wall in white zinc coated iron. Foot in mat anodized cast aluminium.