Eileen square Eileen square Eileen square Eileen square

Eileen square

nameEileen square
designerGiuseppe Bavuso
product id1178292
catalog id3101217
Cabinets Eileen
The Rimadesio living room: a design subject to continuous attention of an always higher typologic wholeness. Eileen represe its the interpretation of a sideboard in its purest shape, for solutions of the living room always in the utmost stylistic coherence.
Eileen interprets a unit for the living area by reducing the design to the most primary lines. The supporting structure in satin fi nish nickel gives an image of lightness.
The coplanar sliding doors become mere surfaces exploring the widest freedom of aesthetic defi nition with glossy and mat lacquered glass in the 50+ Ecolorsystem colours.
The Eileen range of cupboards sees the addition of a new model with four doors and a rigorous design, in pure Rimadesio style. The base in satined nickel sets off the large flush doors in lacquered glass, available with a matt or gloss finish in 50 colours from the Ecolorsystem range. The insides are fitted with numerous storage accessories.