DS-48 DS-48 DS-48 DS-48 DS-48 DS-48 DS-48


designerGordon Guillaumier
product id1196534
catalog id3100973
Timeless, understated elegance. Although the initial impression given by the DS-48 is clean and uncluttered, a number of discreetly extravagant details are revealed at second and third glance. The sofa system by Gordon Guillaumier blends subtly into any environment, while at the same time drawing all eyes to itself. Thanks to aesthetically pleasing lines with no unnecessary adornment, it exudes an air of casual ease – completely at peace with itself. The quilted stitching that hallmarks the leather of the seat and back surfaces plays self-assuredly with classic conventions, recalling a 1950s handbag that has become a design icon. Loose fabric cushions in two sizes are there to satisfy your every last requirement, whether for a formal meeting or relaxed lounging, and ensure a novel seating experience. All offering sublime seating comfort, the system’s components include sofa, armchair, stool and recamiere, which can be individually combined to create generous seating ensembles or placed separately to powerful effect. The DS-48 has legs in either wood or chrome which fit harmoniously with the occasional tables from the DS-9048 series. The lasting impression is one of timeless, understated elegance.