DS-333 DS-333 DS-333 DS-333 DS-333


designerde Sede Design-Team
product id1160930
catalog id3100973
An elegant mix of materials
The gentle yet powerful embrace of the casually elegant DS-333 sofa is an irresistible invitation to sink back in comfort. This de Sede creation owes its seductive appeal to the company’s inhouse Design Team, which drew its inspiration from the fascinating interplay of various choice qualities of leather and from the union of clean, clear lines with softly flowing shapes. A single piece of supple yet robust full-grain leather in its natural state forms the slim frame that suspends the sofa above the floor. This outer shell conceals a number of surprising functions, including adjustable armrests, while at the same time boasting sophisticated details such as the leather straps joining the side sections which call to mind those used on old-fashioned suitcases and bags. The compact shell offers protection and comfort with opulent soft cushioning in velvety-supple leather or fabric. Slender legs in high-gloss polished aluminium further underline the light and airy architecture of the DS-333.