DS-277 DS-277


designerChristian Werner
product id1196643
catalog id3100973
The DS-277 is an easy chair that radiates a powerful presence. There is every reason for its self-assured air: as a high-backed armchair perched atop a slim star-shaped base it provides an uplifting seating experience and meets the highest demands in terms of its aesthetics. It was Christian Werner’s vision to create an exciting transition between the shape of its seat and back shells. The interface between the two sections thus constitutes the distinguishing characteristic of this family of easy chairs and is underscored by the various qualities and colours of leather that are used in its inner and outer shells. In addition to a headrest whose height is infinitely adjustable, comfort is assured by a sophisticated feature specially developed by de Sede: the entire chair can be tilted backwards and a previously unseen footrest extended by a simple movement, thus allowing luxuriously comfortable relaxation in a chair of discreet appearance. Lean back, take it easy and simply relish existence. The DS-277 is an ideal complement to the lower-backed DS-278 armchair.