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designerRodolfo Dordoni
product id1124597
catalog id3100089
year2009 I 2010
Carpet made from 100% Lyocell® – a fibre produced by cellulose – hand-crafted according to the manual Tufting method. The surface, mm 16 in thickness, made of shorn viscose (Lyocell®), produces bright, iridescent reflections. The upper layer is made of polyester; whereas the lower layer is treated with natural, prevulcanized, antiallergenic latex. Overall weight: 6,5 kg/m2. Because of the manual, craft-based working technique used, the overall dimensions of the carpet might vary by approximately cm 3. It’s possible to customize the carpet (multiple sizes of 50 cm). Carpet available in the following colours: Sand, Oil, Stone, Silver, Pewter, Ecru. New colours 2011: Rust and Dark Brown.