Dibbet Frame "Tonneau" Dibbet Frame "Tonneau"

Dibbet Frame "Tonneau"

nameDibbet Frame "Tonneau"
designerRodolfo Dordoni
product id1296743
catalog id3100089
Inspiration for the contoured shape of the Dibbets “Tonneau” and Dibbets Frame “Tonneau” rugs derives from the name itself - a geometric figure obtain-ed through the union of an oval and a rectangle - a shape that distinguishes the design of some high-fashion watch styles and combines a classic look with a dynamic effect. The version of Dibbets “Tonneau” and Dibbets Frame “Tonneau” has rounded corners and slightly curved sides that accentuate the uniqueness of this silhouette and make it a frontrunner in the development of innovative interior design solutions.

Rug made from 100% Lyocell® (a cellulose fibre) hand-crafted according to the manual Tufting method. The surface, 16 mm in thickness, made of shorn viscose (Lyocell®), produces bright, iridescent reflections. The upper layer is made of polyester; whereas the lower layer is treated with natural, prevulcanized, antiallergenic latex. Overall weight: 6,5 kg/m2. The rug can be made to measure (multiple sizes of 50 cm).
Rug available in the colors: Sand, Oil, Stone, Silver, Pewter, Ecru, Rust, Dark Brown and Aubergine.
N.B.: because of the manual, craft-based working technique used, the overall dimensions of the rug might vary by approximately 3 cm, also in case of customized rugs.