designerLella Vignelli
product id1322364
catalog id3100161
Table with metal base of large diameter with different finishes. Metal capital micaceous grey. The top is screwed to the capitel through stainless steel discs. Base in reflecting stainless steel, gold or silver leaf, shiny brass, or finish “Fresco” (cement paste with special resins and pigments) in white, light grey, dark grey. Tops in transparent, extra-clear opalescent or transparent grey glass. Marble top in white Arabescato, graphite grey.

A great classic, designed by one of the masters of design and contemporary graphics, evolves with new combinations of current materials. As the base covered in precious warm shiny brass, in elegant contrast of materials and colour with white arabescato marble top, carefully selected in quarry and finely worked. Or the new finish “Fresco”, made manually by mixing cement paste, inert materials such as sand, marble dust, earths and special resins that allow processing “fresco on fresco” same as frescos and able to show stripes, spots, variegation, slight holes: all these are marks of the artist’s hand and exalt the beauty of always different finishes, never repetitive.